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1 - 10,000 only

Delivery Information

To order this product, please call our Sales Team on 01709 718055

Your eGifts will be delivered through Collection Point. Collection Point is a simple and secure method of accessing your eGifts. Collection Point guarantees that only authorised users can access your order history. For more information click here.

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Product Description

Britain’s favourite jeweller has almost 400 stores in the U.K. to “Help you say it better.” H.Samuel offers a stunning range of precious metal and diamond jewellery, the widest selection of watch brands on the High Street and a great range of adorable gifts and collectibles to suit every occasion and budget.

Every in-store purchase is supported by expert advice from H.Samuel’s experienced staff, together with a comprehensive range of after-sales services.

Terms And Conditions
1. The balance on the gift card may be used for in-store or online purchases, in full or part payment.
2. You can add more value to your card at any H.Samuel store in the UK. To protect our environment’s resources, please re-use this card by topping it up for your own use, or by passing the gift to a friend.
3. In the event of 24 months of consecutive non-use, the card will expire and the balance remaining will be deducted (“Use” for the purposes of this term includes a balance enquiry).
4. The card may not be exchanged for cash, other vouchers or used as a deposit on a credit agreement.
5. No change will be given but the balance may be applied to future purchases.
6. The minimum amount required to activate or top-up this card is £1.
7. Because we don’t collect personal information about Gift Card customers, we cannot replace or reimburse the value of your Gift Card if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Please look after this valuable gift carefully and treat it just like cash.
8. The amount deposited or redeemed from a card will be shown on the till receipt for each transaction.
9. The card balance may be checked in-store.
10. When you pay with your Gift Card, any remaining balance will be shown on your receipt, we update the balance on our secure database. To check your balance, take your card to any H.Samuel till.
11. This Gift Card can be spent on absolutely anything in any H.Samuel store in the UK or online at, up to the value held on the gift card.
12. If you would like help using your H.Samuel Gift Card, please ask in-store.
13. The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.
14. H.Samuel reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, where it is necessary to do so. Any such change and action to be taken as a result will be notified to customers in advance in all stores.
15. H.Samuel Gift Cards are issued by H.Samuel Limited.
16. You can use up to 2 gift cards combined per order.

Redemption Instructions
The balance on the Gift card can be used for purchases at H.Samuel stores and online in full or part