Tesco Grab a Sandwich on Us eGift

1 - 10,000 only

Delivery Information

To order this product, please call our Sales Team on 01709 718055

Your eGifts will be delivered through Collection Point. Collection Point is a simple and secure method of accessing your eGifts. Collection Point guarantees that only authorised users can access your order history. For more information click here.

Your order will be dispatched through Activation Point. Activation Point is a safety protocol that allows you to activate your cards upon receipt. This means no loaded cards can be lost in transit before they reach you. For more information click here.

Product Description

Tesco offers customers an extensive range of products and services with half of the UK adult population shopping in Tesco every month.

Tesco Digital Gift Cards can be redeemed at over 2,500 UK stores. Excludes purchases from Tesco petrol stations. Customers receive clubcard points on redemption too!

Terms And Conditions
Treat this Digital Gift Card like cash. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced.
Redeem at any UK Tesco store. Excludes purchases from Tesco petrol stations. Products / offers shown are subject to availability and may not be sold in all Tesco stores. You can check your available balance at any Tesco store or by calling 03450 757 757. Digital Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.The Digital Gift Card and balance will expire five years from purchase or last Digital Gift Card use.Damaged, altered or cancelled Digital Gift Cards will not be accepted.

Redemption Instructions You can spend your Tesco Digital Gift Card at any UK Tesco Store.
You cannot redeem your Digital Gift Card in Tesco petrol stations.
To spend in store, simply print it out and present at the till with the barcode clearly visible.
If using your mobile device, you will be asked to present the barcode to the scanner by the Tesco colleague.
If the barcode does not scan then a Tesco colleague can manually input the Digital Gift Card number (19 digits) and pin (4 digits) which will be located above the barcode.
If this does not work then the Tesco Digital Gift Card will require manual authorisation. Please go to the customer service desk for further help and information.