1 - 10,000 only

Delivery Information

To order this product, please call our Sales Team on 01709 718055

Your eGifts will be delivered through Collection Point. Collection Point is a simple and secure method of accessing your eGifts. Collection Point guarantees that only authorised users can access your order history. For more information click here.

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Product Description

Preference is a unique code that can be redeemed for retail gift cards & digital codes from over 70 leading retail brands. Preference gives the end recipient total flexibility and fantastic choice to select their own reward.

This exclusive product can be customised to the needs of your business and is the perfect tool for sales promotions, channel partner incentives, customer and employee rewards.

Terms And Conditions

A Preference reward is only redeemable at for the gift cards or e-vouchers featured on the website. Your Preference reward is a single use reward medium. The balance will be stored against your account. You do not need to use all the balance at once.
Multiple gift cards or e-vouchers may be selected using your Preference reward in a single purchase. All Preference rewards are supplied with an expiry date, prior to which your reward must be redeemed or the value lost.
Your Preference reward has a zero cash value and no cash alternative will be offered. Your Preference code is unique to you. You will be required to fill in your details for the receipt of the selected gift cards and, in certain, instances you may be requested to supply your mobile telephone number or your email address if the gift code is electronically supplied (for e.mail or sms awards)
You may select gift cards that exceed the value of your Preference reward and will be required to pay the difference via a debit or credit card.Credit card fees will be incurred if you choose to use this method of payment. Please allow up to 5 working days for your selected gift cards to arrive.

Redemption Instructions

A Preference reward is only redeemable at for the gift cards or e-vouchers featured on the website.